Mosaic451 Cyber Internship Program

An opportunity to learn from the best and work with a leading MSSP

Mosaic451 Cyber Candidate School Program aims to help close the cybersecurity talent gap by taking folks with the right attitude and aptitude and pushing them through an intensive six-month academic and practical hands-on curriculum. 

Cyber Students Will:

  • Learn skill sets including: Firewalls, Network Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems (NIDS/NIPS), and Endpoint Protection.
  • Design, build, operate, and optimize cyber security network infrastructure.
  • Develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Be assessed on their ability to apply skills and earn industry certifications.
  • Have fun and learn real life skills applicable to the pursuit of higher learning and future employment.

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Why Apply for the Program?

Our course was developed by operators who have experience guarding some of the most complex and networks in the world. Candidates will gain real world hands-on experience using leading-edge hardware and software cybersecurity technologies. Those who make it through the program will compete for an entry level position with the company and opportunity to continue increasing their skill level through on the job training.

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What Our Students Are Saying

Travas Lenard Travas Lenard, Former Student

The M451 internship program was very beneficial to me because I am now being exposed to an entire side of computing that I was not aware of. I've done development, marketing, design, data analysis but I never knew how important security was to everything else. Aside from the great opportunity for a full time position with an amazing company, the internship taught me that NOTHING is secure when it comes to computing and having that mindset is the first step to becoming secure.

Eric Park Eric Park, Former Student

Almost anyone can be a good candidate for the internship program regardless of his/her background. It is absolutely made to be very accessible to anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort to develop themselves. The hands-on experience, the high expectations set by the program and the guidance received from seasoned analysts is invaluable for an accelerated development towards a cybersecurity/I.T. career.

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