Change the way your organization talks about enterprise cybersecurity risk

Leveraging lessons learned in the global Fortune 5, Mosaic451’s Decision Science services expresses cybersecurity risk in the native language of the enterprise - dollars -- and tracks return on security investments over time.

Own The Output

Customized. Clear. Reusable. Results.

Everyone else in risk wants to sell you a platform. Mosaic451 delivers risk results and analysis where and when you need it.

We empower key stakeholders to better understand and manage cybersecurity operations


How can cybersecurity be treated as a business issue?

By quantifying cybersecurity in dollar terms, cybersecurity executives can track programs over time and effectively communicate return on security investment to the business over time.

How can we secure the resources we need to optimize the security program?

A dollar understanding of cost avoidance and a clear articulation of return on security investments lets financial leaders allocate resources appropriately.


Are we spending the right amount for cybersecurity?

For financial stakeholders, rational and rationalized spending on cybersecurity has always been allusive.

Can we prove due diligence in cybersecurity operations to our insurance providers? 

Cyber insurance is growing more expensive, more difficult to obtain and requires enterprise proof of due diligence. Without process clarity, enterprise cybersecurity insurance coverage decisions are in contest


How do we evaluate cybersecurity performance?

Mosaic451 financial clarity services offers an independent view of cybersecurity program efforts and project return.


How do we stack up against industry competitors and peers?

Mosaic451 financial clarity services offer a unified financial metric and leverage external and actuarial loss records from around the globe.

Are we adequately fulfilling our oversite responsibilities for cybersecurity risk?

Mosaic451 helps translate technical risk and remediation metrics for non-technical stakeholders


High-Fidelity Results.
Low-Effort Data Collection.

Analyst-led risk modeling designed to maximize fidelity and minimize the efforts required by your team to provide supporting data.

Step 1:
Industry Standards & Open-Source Intelligence

Mosaic451 leverages third-party data sets, industry actuarial tables, cybersecurity tester tools to start the analysis.

Step 2:
Cyber and Business Unit Interviews

Client team interviews, specific loss history and cybersecurity program maturity enriches our initial OSI efforts.
Through these activities, we seek enterprise-specific history to refine our risk modeling. Interviews are not fishing expeditions, rather these are analyst-lead, questionnaire-driven and time-delimited.

Step 3:
Results & Reporting

Clear, accurate and reusable financial analysis of your cybersecurity program enterprise risk holders.