Change the way your organization thinks about cybersecurity detection & analysis
Mosaic451's Argus Security Platform provides a simplified, AI-assisted operating environment to rationally and scalably manage cybersecurity threat detection and analysis.

Cyber events oftentimes have serious financial and operational consequences. Mosaic451's Argus Security Platform enables visibility of attacks as they evolve so you can make better defensive decisions across the enterprise.

Intelligently Directed Action

Threat fidelity and risk scoring helps prioritize defensive analysis

Unify Cybersecurity Defenses

Realize and leverage the cybersecurity investments you have made

Enable Cybersecurity Governance

Audit-ready detection and response process reporting

The Road Most Traveled

To successfully accomplish their unlawful objectives, ANY attacker must be able to move laterally.
By focusing our minefield detection methodology on lateral motion, Mosaic451 allows the defensive team to swiftly generate and tune existing behavioral detections without fear of missing something. This strategy makes detection far less brittle than traditional methods where malicious activity is either detected or it is not. An attack must evade 100% of our defensive minefield every time.

Lateral Motion