Change the way your organization thinks about cybersecurity enterprise detection & response

Mosaic451 provides full-lifecycle cybersecurity threat analysis and response, helping you keep a healthy cybersecurity posture.

Case Study

Mosaic451 helps you to correctly identify threats and act efficiently, effectively and completely.

East Coast City


Very few best practices in place, not prepared for an attack. More than five hours elapsed between attack and detection, which resulted in:

Roughly 8,000 computers encrypted, a third of which were mission-critical city services

Critical court and police documents lost, including years of video evidence

Current total cost to the city; $23.5 million and months of bad publicity



Actively hardening & maturing their security posture, working with Mosaic451 for security monitoring & management.

Mosaic451 team detected attack & initiated containment response in under five minutes

Prompt containement prevents execution of malware payload

Customer suffered no adverse effects and continued business as usual

We empower key stakeholders to better understand and manage cybersecurity operations


How do we know our cybersecurity controls are effective?

Use Mosaic451 judgment services to integrate defense and testing of security controls. Affirmatively prove that your organization can detect malicious activity.

How can we best deploy our in-house cybersecurity professionals?

Time and budget govern cybersecurity program outcomes. Use your best people to best effect by leveraging Mosaic451 to meet fast-changing operations and threat detection requirements.

How can we meet multiple corporate and government compliance initiatives?

Every step of the cybersecurity analysis process should be detailed, measured and subject to reporting. Mosaic451 provides guidance during remediation steps that are aligned with major compliance frameworks, including NIST, ISO and SOC 2.


How do we put cost controls around cybersecurity?

For financial officers, cybersecurity budgets have been growing at over 10% per for the past decade with no end in sight. Mosaic451 offers clear performance on a fixed cost schedule.

Can we prove due diligence in cybersecurity operations to our insurance providers? 

Cyber insurance is continually becoming more expensive, difficult to secure and requires enterprise proof of due diligence. Without process clarity, enterprise cybersecurity insurance coverage decisions are in constant flux

Can we leverage third-party cybersecurity providers to transfer insurance risk?

Leverage your provider's cybersecurity insurance coverage.


How do we stack up against industry competitors and peers?

Less than 5% of CISOs in the global fortune 2000 can articulate their cybersecurity alert analysis process. Mosaic451 takes accountability for the analysis process and responsibility to integrate into enterprise operations.

When something goes wrong, is someone watching and ready to react?

Mosaic451 provides 24/7 staff backed by deep process discipline, so we can act efficiently, effectively and completely when reaction speed matters most.


Is there a continuous finger on the pulse of cybersecurity and a means to address new threats?

Mosaic451 provides a unified capacity to leverage existing cybersecurity software, appliances and investment while testing and deploying advanced defenses against emerging threat.

How do we gain assurance that we are intelligently managing existential cybersecurity threat to the business?

Mosaic451 helps translate technical risk and remediation metrics for non-technical stakeholders


How do we define the cybersecurity analysis process and measure progress through time?

Mosaic451 judgement services is, fundamentally, cybersecurity process-as-a-service, with each step clearly defined and independently measured.






Unlimited, open source logging/DFIR agent
24x7x365 Cybersecurity Incident Detection
24x7x365 Custom Escalation of Security Events
Incident visibility testing "Real Defense" MITRE-based threat emulation
Response: SOC-based SIRT services for containment, eradication and recovery
Custom reporting
Managed 3rd generation EDR
Development of custom parsers
4 per year
10 per year
20 per year
20 per year
Service monitoring
Technical product support
Assigned client success manager
Customer success manager
Customer success manager
Technical account manager
Technical account manager
Deception platform
5x canaries
10x canaries
20x canaries
20x canaries

Mosaic451 Add-ons

  • Penetration testing
  • Cybersecurity governance
  • Web application assessments
  • Tabletop exercises
  • Security & Cloud dev ops
  • CIRT incident commander retainer